OptiCat Online Catalog

Hi, and welcome to the OptiCat OnLine Web Catalog covering the automotive marketplace. We have created this Catalog for you and we know you will find value using it to find the parts you need or to research parts about which you are interested.

So, why should you use and trust this catalog compared to others available in the market? OptiCat is unique, in that our information comes directly from the same parts suppliers from whom you are looking to buy parts. As important, this data is always fresh and accurate as it comes directly from the source and is stored in industry standard formats such as ACES and PIES, available to you within hours of arrival in our data repository. There is no re-mapping of this data into our own vehicle tables, so you see exactly what the supplier delivered and intended. Essentially, we use the same vehicle table and part configuration tables provided by the Auto Care Association, the developer of the industry standards, to display the parts, which we believe is the most accurate method of getting you the parts you need.

If you are a manufacturer and would like to add your data to this catalog, or have questions about this site just give us a call at 801-542-0560 or email us at info@opticat.net. For more information about OptiCat please check out our website at www.opticat.net.


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